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Fully Extended 2 storey
From RM 693K*


【Limited Unit】Kajang
2-3 Rooms
From 330K

【Limited Unit】Sg Sekamat Kajang
3Rooms 2Baths
From 296K

【Limited Unit】Kajang 2
2-3 Rooms
From 260K

【Limited Unit】Semenyih
22' X 70' 4R3B
From 526K

【Limited Unit】Cheras South
3Rooms 2Baths
From 327K

【Fully Sold】Mutiara Height
3Rooms 2Baths
From 530K

【Fully Sold】Semenyih
22' X 70' 4R3B
From 695K

【Fully Sold】Semenyih
22' X 65' 4R4B
From 726K

【Waiting List】Mutiara Height
3Rooms 2 Bath
From 508K

Rumah Selangorku
2 Rooms
From 230K

【Fully Sold】Kajang 2
4 Rooms 3 Bath
From 295K